Twelve Good Deeds

Twelve Good Deeds teaches kids the joy of giving.  In addition, the program incorporates global education, a birds-eye view of relief work worldwide, and empowers kids to make a difference, both in their local community and throughout the world.

Here’s how it works:

  • A student will commit to obtain a minimum of 12 sponsors who will support them in completing 12 Good Deeds in twelve weeks.   Each sponsor will pay one dollar for each good deed completed.  Total cost per sponsor is $12.
  • Eleven of the good deeds are already determined from our list (see below).  The remaining good deed is actually decided upon by the student.
  • Once a student commits to the Twelve Good Deeds Program, they will receive an e-book, where they are able to follow the global journey of the Lewis family.
  • Each reader will experience the adventure of Twelve In Twelve, one family’s trip around the world to make a difference.  The Lewis family is the first family in history to have traveled to all seven continents in one year, specifically to do humanitarian work.  Not only will the participant get the benefit of learning about the family’s travels, they will also be introduced to many different countries and cultures throughout the world, making this a constructive global educational program.
  • In addition, the e-book will include a summary of the twelve projects that the Twelve In Twelve Foundation has committed to help.  With a brief description of each of the organizations, there will be an outline of the proposed project at each location.
  • As funding becomes available, the progress of each project will be posted online on the Twelve Good Deeds website for all participants to view.  The purpose is to have each participant understand the direct impact of their fundraising efforts and to see how the money raised, actually makes a difference in people’s lives around the world.
  • The Twelve Good Deeds website will be an interactive platform, encouraging students to engage in the process at hand.  Each global project will have regular postings of their progress and participants are encouraged to post and communicate with the projects directly, and also with other participants.
  • This inaugural run of Twelve Good Deeds promises to garner positive attention for your school.  You can take great pride in the fact that you were the pioneers of this worthwhile program. Our project has been featured in national media including Parade Magazine, NPR radio and NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox News.
  • The cost to be a Flagship School is a one-time fee of $1,200, which will go directly to all administrative cost of this program.  In addition, the school or organization commits to enroll a minimum of twelve participants.
Twelve Good Deeds

  1. Collect twelve canned goods for people in need. (Donate either to homeless shelter or food bank)
  2. List twelve things you like about yourself and share them with someone special.
  3. Spend quality time with an elderly person.  (Either an older relative or at an assisted living facility.)
  4. Write a thank you card to a school custodians, cafeteria workers, or school nurses.
  5. Pick up trash in a public park or neighborhood.
  6. Donate used clothing, toys and/or books to a local charity.
  7. Plant a tree, vegetable, or herb.
  8. Write a letter of appreciation to a family member or someone special.
  9. Create a Gratitude Board.  (Details to follow – A signature project of Twelve Good Deeds.)
  10. Volunteer to wash a neighbor’s car, help with their yard work, shovel snow or general clean-up.
  11. Random act of kindness – And don’t tell the recipient that it was you.
  12. Pick your own good deed.  (Be creative.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.)

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